The Woodborough Web

Welcome to the May 2022 Issue
The Final Edition!

Well, the time has come! As I indicated in last month’s edition, it is time to hang up my editor’s hat – meaning that this is the very last edition of the Woodborough Web. No more arranging holidays to avoid the last week of the month, and no more worries about internet problems.

When I started the website back in 2013, the church newsletter was still operating, but providing a somewhat patchy service in keeping the village informed about local happenings, and then only to subscribers.

At the time, the idea of  having an online source of local information was quite a new concept for many older residents. However, bit by bit, they came to see the benefits of a more modern method of communication, and gradually the list of subscribers and number of readers grew.

The number of visitors to the website rose to a typical monthly figure of around 3,000 putting Woodborough firmly on the map (we even have a few international readers).

I must say a big thank you to my wife, Kate, who has proof-read every one of the 109 editions, correcting my amateur typing, and offering advice. Similarly, without all of the regular content providers the WW wouldn’t have been the wide ranging publication which had something for everybody – thank you to you all. Thanks also to Woodborough Parish Council for their support.

Thank you to all of those readers who have been in touch about the ending of the WW – it means a lot to me. You can see the emails on the Letters page.

During the 9 years years of operation, I’ve seen a wide range of local activities, met and photographed or videoed some famous people, got to know many local residents, fought off hackers wanting to hijack the website, and I’ve even been threatened with legal action! Never a dull moment!

However, during the same period, I’m sad to say that I’ve seen a gradual decline in community activities within the village (not helped by Covid) which seems to be caused by a lack of interest from younger (pre-retirement) residents, and the inevitable decrease in the number and energy of older people. The recent end of the Woodborough Horticultural Society was very sad to hear, and I can only hope that other groups will be able to recover their former popularity and vitality, and go on to make Woodborough what it is best at – being not just a village but a vibrant community.

Michael Dobbs



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1   Ukulele for beginners
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2   Woodborough Church Fellowship
3   CORE
3   City Transport Reduced Tickets
3   Open Garden 38 Main Street
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5   Nature Notes
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8   Revival
8   Garden Waste Collection
8   Notts Mental Health Hotline
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10 Lambley Historical Society
10 Woodborough Flood Action Group
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10 Woodborough Bridge Club
11 Woodborough Ladies
11 Calverton & Woodborough Allotments
11 Just Sing Ladies’ Choir
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