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Welcome to the February 2021 Edition

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding life at the moment very reminiscent of the film “Groundhog Day”. (For those who don’t know, it tells the story of a man who relives the same day over and over again). With so little to distinguish the different days, in the words of the old song, “Life Gets Tee-Jus Don’t It” (listen to it HERE on YouTube).

One little bit of recent excitement in your editor’s house was the recent arrival of a couple of letters offering vaccination appointments to my wife and myself. “Just go on the website and choose your appointments” the letter said.

Having registered, the only vaccination sites offered were in mid-Derbyshire! The next try was a couple of hours later, when the site crashed! Perhaps the best option was to call the supplied telephone number?

After a wait, I duly listened to the recorded script which ended with the statement “We are only offering appointments to those aged 80 and over”. Failed again (75)!

I decided to wait until the following day to try again. This time, lo and behold, the website was working, and a new local vaccination site had appeared – the Forest Recreation Ground (the tram car park). Two appointments duly made.

The big day arrived (Sunday 24th Jan) and we duly set out in plenty of time to drive down to the Forest – but, of course, that was the day of the snow. We joined the queue of cars at Thackeray’s Lane/Mansfield Road and crawled all the way to Goose Fair Island – about 75 minutes of four wheeled dancing on ice.

When we finally arrived at the newly erected pre-fab building (very late for our appointments) the staff at the centre couldn’t have been nicer! So all’s well that ends well – and we were even given our appointments for the second dose in April.

So after all of that excitement, it’s now back to the groundhog days. At least, every day that passes brings us one day closer to some spring sunshine and a return to some sort of normality. As usual I’ve included a few funnies, so keep smiling – it won’t be too long now.

Michael Dobbs




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