Late News

Full Fibre Broadband in Woodborough?

Urgent Message From
Woodborough Parish Councillor
John Charles-Jones

It has taken much longer to be able to provide an update than I had originally anticipated, but I finally have very encouraging news with regard to bringing Gigabyte-capable fibre optic broadband to the village. Anyone who has ever attempted communication with BT Openreach will know just how immensely difficult it can be; add in Covid and the frustration merely quadruples! However, Openreach have made a formal FTTP (Fibre-optic To The Premises) scheme for the village.

The provisional cost of the scheme is just shy of £0.5m, with an indication that they can physically connect around 415 properties. Whilst the cost is high, provided we can drum up the additional support now required, I am hopeful that the Govt and Notts CC incentive ‘vouchers’ would still cover most, if not all, of the full cost of connecting individual properties with a full fibre connection.

Instinctively we are approximately a third of the way towards achieving the necessary number of addresses required for the vouchers to cover the cost of the scheme. We have now passed the important first hurdle in that Openreach have made a formal scheme offer; this was never a given and very few villages within Nottinghamshire are currently in this position. However, we desperately need more folk to sign up, to get the scheme over the line.

For those that have already expressed interest, no further action is required at this stage other than to encourage others to join. For those who have not yet signed up, please email me ASAP with your name and address, as time is now ludicrously limited to get the necessary numbers required to get the scheme over the line.

PLEASE spread the word. No-one will need reminding of the importance of a reliable and high speed internet connection in the world in which we now all live.

John Charles-Jones

Message from your editor – With the recent increase in broadband use due to home schooling, home working and entertainment needs, you may have experienced problems, particularly when several members of the household are using the internet at the same time. This is a chance for Woodborough to really move into the fast lane with download speeds around 10x the current maximum speeds and uploads 100x (based on the performance in Burton Joyce).

All you are being asked to do is email your name and address to John at . You are not making any financial commitment, just expressing an interest to show BT OpenReach that Woodborough is serious about modernising its broadband infrastructure. You need to act NOW for Woodborough to benefit from the government and Notts County Council grants.

Here’s the important bit – the deadline for the final numbers is extremely close.


Michael Dobbs

Deliver my News

We deliver magazines and newspapers to your door

Early morning – 7 days every week, employing a mixture of local schoolchildren and adult drivers.

We are currently looking for a delivery person for a round in the Lingwood lane, Private Road, Roe Hill area 6 mornings Mon-Sat inclusive.

Phone 0115 989 2232 or email 

Charity Grocery Collection

Just to advise that on the last Monday of every month I will put a box in Woodborough village shop and remove on the Friday for donations.
Tinned vegetables 
Toilet rolls
Face wipes
Hair shampoo
They have enough pasta and rice.
Thank you to everyone who donates.
Kind Regards
Clare Hogg

Flooding in Woodborough

A plea for your input to help us secure funding for flood alleviation

With the wet weather we have experienced in 2021, the wonderful Flood Wardens and community of Woodborough have come together to help and support each other and I would like to express my huge thanks to the army of ‘high viz’ clad helpers who turn out at all times of day and night, in the rain, to support and help protect the homes in Woodborough vulnerable to flooding.

It has become very clear to me that even if your property does not flood, the road closures do cause anxiety to many people in the village. 

I know that village representatives have been talking to the various agencies for years to try and establish a proper flood alleviation scheme and whilst the number of occurrences seems to have increased, we are supporting each other to the extent that we go into an automatic disaster mode and don’t shout for help. We are reaching a crucial moment with the Environmental Agency preparing a ‘cost benefit’ analysis to help us get funding and suggesting flood alleviation schemes. We need to shout loud and clearly NOW to the Environment Agency that we need action. I am collating evidence of properties that have flooded in the property and dates, plus photographs. 

Please get in touch if you are able to give evidence of how the flooding in the village has had a detrimental impact on you and your families’ life.

Amanda Mellor

Remote Meeting of the Parish Council

7.00pm 9th February

The Parish Council will meet remotely next Tuesday, 9th February.

View the agenda HERE.

Join Zoom Meeting – Zoom Meeting ID: 840 6148 6379 Passcode: 200480

Members of the public are asked to send written representations by email to the Clerk, or to telephone and provide comment before the meeting, using the contact details below.

Averil Marczak: Tel 0115 8498195

Concerns about Governors’ Field
A message from the Parish Council

Because of Covid-19, our Government has made rules for how we behave in parks and playgrounds. If these rules are flouted constantly, we may have to close Governors’ Field.

Governors’ Field is a wonderful recreational facility enjoyed by many families from Woodborough and surrounding areas. It provides a much needed opportunity for play, exercise and fresh air in beautiful surroundings at a time when there are few choices available. We are determined to keep the Field SAFE, well maintained and open for all to enjoy.

During this pandemic, the definition of ‘SAFE’ has taken on a whole new meaning. In addition  to maintaining the play equipment in good condition to minimise the risk of accidents, we also have to minimise the risk of transmission of a highly contagious coronavirus. So as well as the weekly equipment inspections prescribed by RoSPA, we now sanitise all frequently touched hard surfaces of the equipment and the entrance gate every morning. As required by the government guidelines, signs are posted on the entrance gate and at each piece of play equipment to remind visitors that they must observe the social distancing measures prescribed by the Government. Also, we have removed several pieces of equipment to facilitate social distancing.

Unfortunately, recently there have been several occasions when the Field has become overpopulated to the detriment of social distancing.

Currently, social distancing means that you can meet only one person outside your household or support bubble and you should stay at least 2 metres away from all persons not in your household or support bubble. Please remind your children that they must stay 2 metres away from members of other households when on the equipment, and monitor them as they play. The Government recommends that where possible only one family member accompanies a child. If you cannot maintain 2 metres distancing, you should wear a facemask unless you are exempt. If you are exempt, how about a visor instead of a facemask?

It is difficult to stipulate or control the maximum safe number of visitors on the Field at any one time. Suffice to say that if you are unable to keep the safe distance of 2 metres from visitors who are not in your household or bubble, you might be well advised to leave the Field and come back some other time when it is not so busy.

Understandably, the police are taking an interest in gatherings for the simple reason that they accelerate the spread of Covid-19. It will be a great pity if the viability of our wonderful facility is challenged in this way, so we implore all visitors to be mindful at all times that access to Governors’ Field is conditional upon them observing the rules of social distancing. If social distancing is not strictly observed, we will have no option other than to close the field, which we don’t want to do.

Glasses Case Found

Someone has lost a designer spectacles case – It’s a Harris Tweed and leather case by the British Bag Company. It was spotted in the hedgerow near Wash Bridge.

If this belongs to you, please get in touch with the editor to be put in contact with the finder.

Half Term – Walks on the Wild Side 

If anyone wishes to join us and help raise some money at the same time by just getting out doors! 
💛 Follow the link below and join
💛 Share link and pictures of your adventures 
💛 Raise money for the NSPCC
Just click on:
George (age6) and Edward (age4) enjoy getting their wellies on, taking their dog Fudge out for a muddy awesome adventure whilst in lockdown here in the lovely village of Woodborough. 

The boys have heard me talk about fundraising and the NSPCC and George (age6) said “Mummy why don’t we organise a Muddy Puddle Walk for all our friends to join and Jump in Muddy Puddles! We can have fun and help to raise some money!” 

So here we are!! Whether you’re indoors or outside, the boys and I hope you’re able to keep active and will join us in having lots of fun exploring the village/s around us. 

Please do share all your great walks with us and please help by sharing our just giving page! 

The new lockdown and school gates closing have left thousands of children in crisis. Some are feeling lonely and isolated at home, others are scared and anxious. And Childline could be the only place they can turn to for help.

“Every pound counts towards making children happy again.” George (age6).

Sophie Hopkin