Thank you so much to everyone who got in touch to thank me for the Woodborough Web

Really sorry to hear you are stopping doing the Woodborough Web. You must have your reasons and if it’s the right thing for you then it’s good. We as Woodborough Art Group are extremely grateful for your support and promotion given through WW and of course our video!

I hope someone will take on the mantle from you.

Wishing you and with our grateful thanks – Jenny


Dear Michael, I am so sad to hear from the web that you are wanting to retire. Your cartoons are one of the high lights along with it being so up-to-date. I do hope someone will come forward to take over.

Thank you for all you have done over these many years.

Best Wishes John H.


Hi Michael, we read with sadness that you are to discontinue publishing the Woodborough Web. Not only has it been informative regarding local news and events but also has provided us with light entertainment through the poems and jokes. We fully appreciate the hours and dedication you have put in publishing the WW. It will be sadly missed.

Lyn & Andrew Ball


We are sorry to hear you have decided to finish the Woodborough Web, your dedication and efforts are what has made this so successful and popular in the village. This has been a great asset for the village and I know it will missed!

We would like to thank you for all your dedication an hard work and wish you all the best in the future!

Alison & Derek Ewing


So sorry to hear that you will no longer be producing the Woodborough Web. You accomplished something amazing in this village with your on-line magazine. I will always be grateful for it.

Jay Chapman


Thank you so much for bringing us the Woodborough Web and editing it over the last nine years ( with help from Kate). It has been an important part of village life keeping us up to date with all that is happening in and around Woodborough. We really appreciate the hard work that you have put into the monthly editions – a real commitment which we are sure will be sadly missed. You certainly deserve a well earned rest.

With grateful thanks from Robert and Toppy


I note this is the last Woodborough Wed – so many thanks for helping us to ‘spread the practice word’

Best wishes – Dr Phil Rayner


Dear Michael….I was dismayed to read you are finishing the Web.
You have done a wonderful job over the years keeping us all up to date….and smiling, with your cartoons and jokes….it is all very much appreciated. I shall certainly miss the email coming through each month, so a big thank you for all your time and efforts.

My love to you and Kate, Edwina


I’ll miss the Woodborough Web, thank you for putting it together each month, I imagine it takes a lot of effort 
Just to say ‘Thank you’ for all the work you have put in to produce the Woodborough Web for nine years. I remember you started it when we lost the church newsletter. I am sure I won’t be the only villager who will miss it.
It would be nice if someone else would take it on but realise it is very time consuming and also a hard act to follow.
Thank you once again and enjoy your ‘Retirement’
Pauline Lawson

Just to say we think you have done an amazing job for 9 years, I had not realised it was that long. I am sure it will be greatly missed.

Many thanks – Rosemary And James Gunn


I write to thank Michael for the extraordinary  contribution to village life that he has made with the creation and administration of the Woodborough Website.  I can’t imagine how many thousands of hours he has given writing, editing, filming, interviewing and capturing the life of our wonderful village. I hope the Parish Council will acknowledge his work in some way and I personally would like to thank him for his generosity of spirit and commitment.

I truly hope that a way can be found to maintain  a future platform  and website presence for this village to keep connected and share information. Obviously I will ensure that the Village Facebook Group  continues to provide a platform for  communicating village life but it will rely on people posting the reports and news that they might otherwise have sent to Michael. We take too many things for granted and only when we lose them do we realise their value.

Lynne Morgan – Woodborough Village Facebook Group


Calverton & District U3A would like to extend a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to Michael for all the work he has done in publishing The Woodborough Web over the last nine years, and of course for publicising our wonderful organisation of which he was also the founding Chairman.

Ken Jones C & D U3A


Thank you very much for publishing my articles in the Woodborough Web for the last ten years. I will miss writing them each month and sending them off to you. I am sorry you are finishing the job but all good things come to an end, just like the Horticultural Society. I am sure the magazine will be sorely missed by Woodborough (and further afield) folk. Enjoy your retirement.

Jean Powley


I am very sorry to hear that you are retiring from running the Woodborough Web. I realise it is a substantial job to undertake and I am thus very grateful for your doing it for so long. I don’t suppose anyone has volunteered to keep it going? It will be a sad loss to village life.

Stephen Smith


You have done a magnificent job over the years, giving us an easy to access account of what’s going to happen and a lively photographic record of what’s already occurred. Reading back over your monthly newsletters would give anyone an good idea of what it’s like to live in our lovely village. Thank you so much for all your time, patience and energy.
It would be great to find someone else prepared to take on the running of a village website as it will be sorely missed and it complements our facebook page so well.
I do hope someone with the requisite skills will take it over.

Best wishes, Deborah Bliss


Very sorry (although not altogether surprised) to learn that the WW will be closing.  You have done a great job all these years.  Is there anyone interested in taking it over?

John Charles-Jones


Thank you for all your hard work over the years. The Woodborough Web grew into something really great and I, amongst many others I am sure, really appreciated it.
Happy retirement and all the best for the future.

Julia Matusiewicz


Thanks for all your support with Core, we really do appreciate all you’ve done for the community!!

Sam & Becky


I was very sorry to hear that you will no longer be producing the Woodborough Web. I would like to thank you for all that you have done for the web and for all of the help and support you have given the various events you have advertised and help promote for me over the years – especially the Feast Sports events and coffee mornings – it has without doubt been our main channel to communicate to the village.

Anne Dallison


Sorry to hear you’re ceasing to publish Michael. We really appreciate the support you have given us over the years. Hope you’re well and enjoy your next adventure. Best wishes.

Len & the Gate to Southwell Festival crew.