Woodborough Flooding

Dear sir,

I went down my drive at 0900hrs (28 Jan) when the road was still flooded but the level was falling. I took my garden rake and cleared the roadside gulleys all covered with leaves etc.

This cleared all the water very quickly.

About 15 years ago the Parish Council marked all the gulleys on the walls but with a rake it was easy to find them under water.

I see we have bought new jackets for flood wardens perhaps they could be instructed to clear the gulleys to keep as much water as possible off the road.

John Harlow

Just Sing Ladies Choir at Christmas

It is great to see that Just Sing managed to raise such a healthy sum for charity, in spite of having their tour of the village curtailed. It was a very enjoyable event, up to its enforced early termination at The Nag’s Head car park.
It is also gratifying that the local Police have acknowledged their completely over-the-top response to the event – and have admitted that the event was, actually, organized within the Covid rules in operation at the time.
I trust those members of the community who made the complaints to the Police, clearly without checking their facts first, are happy with the fact that their actions deprived the charity of any further donations the group might well have received had they been allowed to complete their tour round Sunningdale/Doverbeck areas.
Yours sincerely,
D. Kemp.