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Medlars – Mespilus germanica

Crab Apples
Malus sylvestris

Woodborough Horticultural Society


Welcome to our first newsletter for 2022 and we wish all readers a very Happy New Year. We are especially hoping that our Society will have the good fortune to continue. We have requested that if you are interested in joining our committee, you do so by popping a note in to the box provided in the village shop. The box will be withdrawn on 3rd January and we will then soon be able to inform you of the situation regarding the future of the Society. Alternatively, you may contact our secretary at It would be very sad for the community if the Society was to cease so we hope some of you will be able to step forward.

Whatever decision is taken, we will be continuing with our January and February meetings which will be held at the Village Hall on  10th  Jan and 14th  Feb respectively.  At our meeting in January, we welcome Dr. Graham Piearce who will be talking to us about ‘The Rose Family of Trees’ The trees in this family include hawthorn, apple, medlar, pear, blackthorn, flowering cherries, bird cherry and peach and almond. This should make for an interesting meeting as I am sure many of us probably have some of these trees in our gardens. So, please join us at the Village Hall on 10th January at 7.30pm. We have not yet requested annual subscriptions so a charge of £2 per person at the door will apply. A raffle and free refreshments will be available.

Cheal’s Weeping
Prunus Kiku-shidare-zakura

Blackthorn or Sloe Berries

Apple Orchard at Doddington Hall

All photographs by Jean Powley

Woodborough Church Fellowship

There is no fellowship in January. Our next meeting will be 9th February at 2.00pm (we have changed back to Tuesdays).

Courier Fraud Scam Alert

We have unfortunately continued to receive reports of scammers contacting individuals via the telephone and pretending to either be Police Officers or bank staff.

No genuine organisation will EVER send someone to your door to collect cash, bank cards or other goods.

If someone calls you who claims to be a Police Officer, ask for their collar number, HANG UP, wait a few minutes, dial 101 and ask for that officer. DO NOT re dial the number that called you. Scammers use a spoofed dialling tone to keep the line open. So when you think you’ve hung up, you’re still on the line to scammers. If possible, call 101 using a different phone.

The same if someone calls claiming to be your bank. Do not share any personal information. HANG UP, wait a few minutes, and call the number on the back of your bank card or from your bank statement. Again, use a different phone if possible. Banks keep a record so they will be able to verify if they have genuinely called you.

No genuine organisation will be offended if you do this.

Please make your friends, neighbours and relatives aware of this scam.

The Police will NEVER contact you and ask for your assistance with an investigation or an undercover operation. Hang up on these calls and report to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online at If you believe you have lost money to this scam, call Nottinghamshire Police on 101 to report to us as soon as possible.

Be aware of recovery fraud. Once scammers have targeted you for a scam, they keep contact lists and share this around to other fraudsters, meaning you will be persistently targeted.

Protect yourselves from scam telephone calls by:

• Calling your provider to make your number ex-directory and asking if they have any scam call shield services.
• Registering your number with the Telephone Preference Service.
• Removing your details from the OPEN Electoral Register and
• Installing a call blocker / phone with an inbuilt call blocking feature.
• Changing your number if necessary.
• Ensuring your number isn’t publicly available on any of your social media pages.Email tracking gif

Message Sent By
Fiona Price (Nottinghamshire Police)