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Restaurant Outdoor Seating Reopens 9.00am 12th April!

This is a fantastic time of year at the garden centre with warmer weather, spring in full-force, an abundance of fresh plants arriving every day and with the majority of our customers vaccinated, everything is feeling gloriously positive!

April sees our seasonal plant area full of superb English bedding plants, a fantastic choice of vegetable, tomato, salad & herb plants and a comprehensive collection of perennials with great-value multi-buy offers across the ranges while the main shrub area is brimming with new season shrubs bursting into colour.

We have our garden furniture finally arriving this month and next (Suez Canal blockages not withstanding!). The shortage of shipping vessels has caused enormous disruption to supply across the world so we are just pleased to know that it is on it’s way. With supply tight, we are advising all customers thinking of buying garden furniture this season to pre-order now to avoid disappointment.

We very much look forward to welcoming you back to Belle & Joe’s Kitchen, which will be reopening the outdoor seating areas for full menu service at 9am on April 12th. We are also creating more outdoor covered seating so you can still visit us in the rain!

Enjoy this month as you prepare to welcome back visitors to your gardens after such a long, torrid winter. We all deserve it!
Best wishes and we hope to see you soon, Sophie, Greg & all of the Timmermans Team x

Scilla peruviana 

Prunus Cheal’s Weeping

Polemonium Bressingham Purple


Your Garden in April

You’ve been ready, you have been set and now that April is here, it’s go, go, go in the garden. And with the weather set fair, everything is racing ahead.

  • Weeds: keep on top of them to make the rest of the year so much easier. Pull out annual weeds before they flower and set seed. It also clears the way for planting.
  • Annual plants: these are raised from seed and most can be sown either indoors on a windowsill or directly outside now. Weed free soil is a must for direct sowing.
  • Herbs and wildflower seeds: same again – get them sown!
  • Shrubs and trees: these can look hungry after winter now that they are spurting into new growth. A general fertiliser scattered and watered into the soil will do wonders for tired specimens.
  • Slugs: as the soil warms up the slugs get active. Consider al the options for slug control (pellets, organic pellets, biological controls and physical controls) and act now. Always have the welfare of wildlife in mind when controlling slugs. For a balanced aspect to your garden consider creating wildlife havens and pond to attract natural predators of slugs and snails.
  • Lawns: much has been written and spoken about recently about whether, and who, mows or doesn’t mow their lawns. If mowing, raise the blades of your mower to lightly trim over the surface to encourage strong growth. If not mowing, well, skip to the next section!
  • Roses: are getting into full leaf and stems may need support or tying into fences and supports. Do this before stems break in the wind.
  • Pests: have a little look out for the early greenfly – some have been spotted on the tender shoots in some local gardens. Roses are a favourite. Squish the pests to sort them out.
  • Frosts: our local final frost date is the first week of May so keep a roll of horticultural fleece handy to cover any susceptible plants. Even outdoors tender shoots of e.g. hydrangeas can be knocked back by a hard, late frost.
  • Houseplants: certainly on trend and now waking up after winter and needing a drop more water and a spring clean. A wipe down with a soft, clean cloth dampened with warm, clean water of glossy or waxy leaves will remove and dust and open the leaf pores. A drop of houseplant fertiliser will be just the tonic to get things moving in the right direction.

April is a busy time in the garden but as ever, take time out to admire the displays of daffodils, muscari and early tulips. And do clean down your garden furniture and give it all an airing in the spring sunshine. You will need a sit down and rest with all this gardening work to crack on with!

Geum Scarlet Tempest