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Glorious Summer Colour

This is a wonderful time of year in the garden centre with so much colour on display and the plants in their full glory! We have a superb selection of planted containers and hanging baskets for instant colour and potted-on tomatoes; big plants which are ready for the patio or greenhouse. There is still a good variety of veg plants available too. While we still have a great selection of summer bedding, including larger potted bedding plants, the shrub area is the real star of the show with a superb choice of herbaceous perennials and summer flowering shrubs providing lots of interest and inspiration. 

We have started making reductions as we approach the end of the season and begin to clear down ready for the next season’s ranges so be sure to visit us over the summer months and grab a bargain.

Best wishes, Sophie, Greg & all the team at Timmermans

Your Garden in July

Roses: Deadhead (or snip off) the faded flowers to encourage fresh new growth. However, leave the flowers intact if you want rose hips in autumn.

Hanging baskets: all will need a daily water even if it has rained. The sheer density of plant canopy above the compost surface stops rain getting to the roots. Water until it runs out of the base of the basket making sure the water isn’t simply flowing over the surface of the compost. Same goes for bedding plants in containers.

Newly planted shrubs and herbaceous: need to be checked for water. If it’s dry give them a drink. A long drink. Established shrubs don’t need watering unless they look like they are flagging.

Planting time: you can still pop in plants wherever you have gaps. Lavender is looking terrific and is happy in either well drained soil or containers. Echinacea and achillea are two terrific herbaceous plants flowering soon and perfect for planting now. Sunny spots in the garden are best for those two. And of course hydrangeas are at their very best with a wide range to choose from. Plant them, water well and away they go untroubled by anything.

Veg garden: pick early courgettes and have a rootle around for new potatoes – a good indication that you should have a few little spuds ready is when the flowers fade and fall off of the potato tops. Keep picking your lettuce leaves on cut and come again varieties to ensure fresh supplies every week. Plant ready grown seedlings of varieties you have forgotten to grow from seed and sow a few short rows of carrots, radish and spring onions to squeeze in some harvestable crops in this growing year.

Tomatoes: need feeding with a tomato fertiliser every week. Plants are working hard and need nutrition. Same goes for your cucumbers. Nip out the side shoots of tomatoes that are growing on one stem. These side shoots mop up energy from the plant and rarely provide any flowers and fruit. They pop up at the exact point where leaves join the stem. 

Lawns: forget watering unless you simply have to have it green. Rain soon turns the most straw coloured lawn green within days. Leave the mower in the shed when the weather is super-dry. Long grass survives drought better than a close cut sward.

Ponds: keep an eye on the water level in ponds. Punctures to lining happen and evaporation on hot days will reduce levels. Top up whenever required.

Bugs and beasts. Keep an eye out for slugs and snails and treat according to your gardening principles. Pellets are available alongside other methods of control. Greenfly don’t take long to take hold of juicy new shoots – have a daily check and nip them in the bud. Greenhouses need ‘damping down’ during hot dry spells, by watering the floor, to increase humidity and stop red spider mite.

Finally, get your garden furniture out and clean, repaint or even replace and ensure you make time to actually sit back and enjoy your garden. It’s what all your hard work is for!

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