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Stay Away from Skegness!

Witnessed totally disgusting behaviour on the beach at Skegness on Bank Holiday Monday.

A man and a woman were arguing in front of a load of children. Then she smacked him on the head and it all kicked off between them. The police turned up and the policeman ended up using his truncheon on the man, but the man actually managed to get it off the policeman, and started hitting everybody with it.

Then, to cap it all, a crocodile arrived and stole all of the sausages!

Woods Motor Club

Some great news is that we now have the next social  for Woods Motor Club planned in for Sunday the 19th of September. 
It will be at the Fours Bells pub on Woodborough Main Street as before 10.30am – 1.30pm. The “Boxed Drink” coffee guys will be in attendance.
Everyone welcome, members or not, it’s an event for the community to see some of the fantastic vehicles in the club. So please come along for a look and chat!  
Image text reads Go Green for September Sign up now

Notts Recyclers we need YOU to sign up to our Go Green 30 day challenge and help fight climate change

Take part in a month-long campaign set to inspire you to reduce, reuse and recycle more.

The challenge kicks off on 1 September and will coincide & celebrate Zero Waste Week (6-10 September) and National Recycle Week (20-26 September).

Anyone can get involved with the challenge, individuals, families, couples, friends or work colleagues – the more the merrier, everyone is welcome to take part.

When you sign up to the challenge you will receive a daily dose of green goodness straight to your inbox with tips and challenges to complete throughout September.

Each challenge will show you how you can help make a difference at home in your everyday life, giving us all the chance to break old habits and form new, green ones.

We don’t need to completely change our lifestyles to make an impact, small actions will make a BIG difference, which is why the Nottinghamshire Recycles Go Green 30-day challenge is a great way to get involved and help protect the environment for the future. If we all try to adopt small everyday swaps it really adds up and will help, make a big difference not just in Nottinghamshire but across the country.

There are lots of fantastic competitions with PRIZES to be won to keep you motivated throughout the challenge, what’s more there are extra prize draws if you get involved and share updates about the challenge on social media using #NottsRecycles.

So, get your friends, neighbours and colleagues to sign up too, support each other on the journey and let’s paint the county green this September.

Sign me up

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The Big Notts Survey

How do you want Nottinghamshire to look in 10 years’ time? This is just one of the big questions in the ‘Big Notts Survey’. We want to hear from every Nottinghamshire resident on your hopes and concerns for the future as we emerge from this pandemic and look to a brighter long-term vison for our county.

This survey is short in the time it takes to complete but is big in its themes and aspirations.  Feedback from the survey will form the cornerstone of the council’s new ambitious Council Plan which will be finalised this autumn and will look to the next 10 years and beyond whilst setting out its detailed priorities for the next four years.

Follow the link below to compete the survey which is now open and closes on 19 September 2021.

Thank you in advance for sharing your views and for helping to build a better Nottinghamshire that benefits us all.

Complete the survey