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 WCA contact details: Tel;  0115 9654158 or 07703316913

31 Lowdham Lane, Woodborough.

The trustees are : Linda Taylor, Bob Taylor, Liz Nicholas, Stewart Nicholas, Catherine Newton, Marie Caunt, Monty Oakley and Kerry Raynor , supported by  Ros Holford as minute secretary.

In the spirit of Janus, this month we have two reports, one looking back at 2021 and one looking forward to 2022.

Happy New Year to you all! Whilst the last two years have been trying in many ways, we were delighted to be able to bring the village together at 2021’s Woodborough Summer Fair. All feedback seemed to like the new venue, which allowed for a much bigger event and still had enough space to let everyone spread out and feel safe.  

We were delighted to move the Firework display to the sports field too, which was able to allow a brilliant view of the fireworks and provide a much safer venue for the community. I personally believe the larger than usual crowd was, in part, bolstered by the cancellation of the Fireworks on the Forest and the desire to get outside and simply have a good time. All local displays reported bigger than usual crowds. Personally, I enjoyed the sight of children running free around the field with their light up toys, bought to support the PTA as much as I did the actual fireworks.

The Christmas light switch-on, organised in collaboration with the Parish Council was a delightful way to start the build up to Christmas. Though the afternoon setting up was cold wet and windy we were glad to get the event underway and a warming drink along with the sight of children’s awe at seeing Santa and the joyous singing of the carols was wonderful. The lights, of course, have continued to shine and bring  cheer to the village.

I wish to publicly thank all those who got involved in supporting the WCA events in 2021. Like many of you, they were juggling increasing pressures at work along with the desire to support the village during these uncertain times and I thank every individual and organisation that helped to create some positive memories and experiences in 2021.

Looking ahead to 2022

We would be delighted to continue growing our happy band of volunteers, which event do you fancy helping with? Are you already involved with one of the many organisations in the village, could your group contribute to any of these plans? It would be great to have the support of local clubs, particularly in the Summer Fair and Queen’s Jubilee and maybe The Best Kept Village Competition.

Current plans: What’s on in 2022? Pancake races, Coach trips, Summer Fair, Fireworks and Christmas Lights switch on.

Special event: we have been invited by the Parish Council to organise a special event to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – there will be a national chain of lit beacons and we hope to organise a village picnic / celebration. There will be a four-day weekend including an additional bank holiday so there should be lots of fun to be had.

Best Kept Village Competition: not sure if this will go ahead, we will need extra volunteers if the WCA are to support this.

Defibrillators: we continue to monitor the defibrillators at the Nags Head and  telephone box. The defib at the Village Hall is managed by the Parish Council.

Book exchange: our intrepid Kate continues to ensure this is clean and well supplied. Please remember the idea is to exchange books, we would be grateful if any larger collections of books were left at Kate’s arch – contact me if unsure where this is! We do not wish to have toys or jumble as we simply do not have room.

The Telephone Exchange: this is currently undergoing maintenance work and will shortly have a tarmac drive which will enable us to drive up to the store to access our equipment as we used to! This has taken a considerable amount of our funds this year and if anyone is able to contribute financially to these works we could then redirect our funds towards our community events.

Could you design our new logo? 

We need a new logo that represents the work of the Woodborough Community Association (WCA) in the village.  During conservation work to the beacon it became apparent that we needed to replace the logo that hangs there and we also need that image to be digitalised for other publications. We feel that our existing logo needs updating for modern times. We have had some interest from the Art Club and would also welcome contributions from any individuals or school children who would like to see their work used to represent the WCA. Our current logo is included so you can see what it is we want to update.

‘Welcome to Woodborough’ booklet: I have recently had some enquiries from people wishing to offer this to new neighbours. Though we didn’t make the original booklet (I think it was the church together with the history society but am not sure), we would be happy to coordinate making a new one. If you run an organisation or have ideas about what could be useful info to new neighbours please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Changes to WCA events:

Over 65s’ meal: We have taken the tough decision to cancel the Over 65s meal as it just doesn’t seem a safe thing to do. We are aware that many of you will be disappointed, and we hope to create something different for you later in the year. I am always aware that although many of our Over 65s get personal invitations there are always some who aren’t on the list so please, let me know of any neighbours or friends in the village that may appreciate an invitation so they can feel included in what ever Over 65s event we organise.

Bingo: We have decided not to reinstate the monthly WCA bingo sessions at the Institute. We hope all avid bingo players continue to enjoy the monthly Monday bingo games hosted by David Burgess for the Institute.

Film nights: we have decided not to pursue these this year, not least because Lowdham provide an excellent regular film night each month.

Village Spring and Winter Parties:  tbc.

Archeology in Woodborough: We are hoping to start an archaeological project next year looking for evidence of medieval Woodborough. This will be a community project and is expected to have some training sessions, possibly with geophys (looking under the ground for evidence of walls etc), field walking, historical study and finally some digging – watch this space.

A few photographs from the Christmas lights event on the evening of December 4th.

The rain came but so did the crowd – carols, lights and refreshments for all.