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Lambley Historical Society

Our evening talks have now finished until September and we start our summer outings.

Our first is on 15th May and is a tour of Bygone Shops of Nottingham walk with Chris Weir. This is a  stroll around Nottingham remembering the old Burtons shop, Griffin & Spalding, Boots, the Co-op…and smaller stores and cafes that people may remember such as SelectaDisc.

Guests welcome but this must be booked beforehand so please contact Joyce on 0115 9653314 for details.


Woodborough FLAG has been meeting regularly over the last year with the Environment Agency (EA) ,Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) and Woodborough Parish Council to address flooding in the village.

These meetings have resulted in the identification of who is responsible for drainage maintenance and flood management throughout the village and surrounding area.   

NCC as Lead Local Flood Authority is preparing plans for an integrated flood management scheme on the land surrounding the village.  This has involved discussions with local landowners to explore the most effective means of managing excess rain water.  The next update meeting is on 30 May.

The EA has reported that the culverts running through Main Street have now been inspected and will be de-silted in May.  Removal of silt improves the flow capacity of the culverts so is a key contributor to preventing overflow of water onto the road during heavy rainfall.

The EA has installed a water level gauge in the stream at the west end of Main Street.  This will act as a warning when water reaches a certain level.  This gauge will be calibrated over time based on observation during peak water flows to ensure warnings are as accurate as possible.

A team of residents regularly clears debris from the open culverts and trash screens along Main Street.  Their work is greatly appreciated as it helps to prevent blockages so water can run away more quickly.

Woodborough Emergency Group would like to recruit further Flood Wardens.  If any residents are interested in finding out more please contact

As this is the last edition of Woodborough Web we would like to thank Michael Dobbs for setting up and running the webpage over the years so that Woodborough can be kept informed of news and local events.  Your work has been very much appreciated, Michael. 

Future Flood Action Group updates will be available on our Facebook page HERE .

Woodborough Bridge Club

Affiliated to the EBU


It is over two years since the club closed due to Covid. We have now returned to “real” bridge in the Village Hall. We welcome back our members, especially those who have not been playing online. Will we recognise each other, or remember the slightly different rules for face to face bridge?  Probably not; but we will have fun and once more enjoy a sociable game.

If you have not played at the club before and would like to join us you are very welcome; please contact us beforehand.   

Please arrive by 6.45 for a 7.00 pm start.

The club will continue its online tournaments on Monday afternoons.

Please contact Jane (0115 9652595)