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Interesting fact…

…Over two-thirds of the food we waste is perfectly edible.

❓ Know the difference between food date labels – ‘Use by’ is about safety – food should not be eaten after this date. Whereas ‘Best before’ is about quality – food will be safe to eat for some time after the date.

Reduce your food waste and make delicious meals instead – download your FREE Love Your Leftovers Cookbook

❓ Too much milk? Don’t pour it away. Be a freezer hero and pop it into ice cubes trays and freeze. By doing this you have the perfect amount for your next lovely cuppa and saves money too.

Check out the chill! The average fridge temperature in UK homes is nearly 7°C, but foods will last longer if they are kept at under 5°C.

❓ Never quite sure where to store your fruit and veg? Most fruit will stay fresher in the fridge except bananas and pineapples – these are better in the fruit bowl. Onions and potatoes prefer a cool, dark place. Find out more about where things can be stored.

It’s a fact that 1.5 million whole tomatoes get wasted every day in the UK. Why not turn yours into a delicious soup? Soups served hot or cold can be a happy ending for lots of different leftovers, so let’s get creative and save money as well. Discover more delicious seasonal recipes

❓ Often find you have leftover bread? Bread is great for freezing so put your sliced loaf in the freezer and then you can take a slice at a time and pop it in the toaster straight from frozen.

Woodborough Virtual Bridge Club

Affiliated to the EBU

The club operates on the Bridge Base Online (BBO) platform.
We hold two duplicate drives every week.

MONDAY 2.15pm  and THURSDAY 7.15pm

Each drive costs $3 (around £2.50). We play at least 18 boards. MPs and NGS awarded. You need to be registered with the club beforehand; this can be done via our website.  If you do not have a partner we will try and find one for you; or you can play with a robot. Yes, really! Apart from the drives we have members playing in team events organised by the County Ass. and the EBU. 

We have all learnt to play online over 2020. It is very popular and we welcomed many new members over the last year. Whilst most are local we have regular players living further afield and even in other countries. It is fun, you can “message chat”, and in some drives we have an audio facility operating so you can speak to other players.  We have not yet played with video link, although there are other platforms which offer that facility.

 There are definite advantages to the online game; although we do all miss the face to face interaction  If you are new to playing on BBO, or wish to try it for the first time, we are happy to help.  There is useful information on our website.  If you wish to learn to play Bridge we can direct you towards some online classes.

The club is unable to comply with social distancing rules so for the foreseeable future we will be continuing with our virtual club.   

For more information please contact Jane (0115 9652595)  or

Woodborough Art Group

Hello to all who take an interest in our pages on the Woodborough web. We have a very exciting announcement to make that has really encouraged our group during lockdown and has helped us feel a real part of the local community.

From the end of January, Madhu, at the newly refurbished Londis Village Shop will be holding a display of our unique, hand made greetings cards for sale. They are from original artwork by members of Woodborough Art Group. Some are of local village scenes and some of general interest too. We hope that this will add to the choice of cards available and they make a very special card.

Cards are becoming something that has increasing importance during these times of lockdown and can really brighten the day for family and friends who achieve them. It does not have to be a birthday or or anniversary to send a card to say ‘just thinking of you’ or ‘just missing you!’

We will have Easter cards and Mothers day cards too.

The range of cards will be frequently refreshed with new designs. They cost £2 each and printed on matte paper and mounted on a 300g card with envelope and individually wrapped.

We hope you will give your local support to Woodborough Art Group and the Village Shop.

If You would like to know about Woodborough Art Group or are interested in joining the group that is currently meeting virtually using what’s app please e mail me

Jenny Mckenzie, Secretary Woodborough Art Group.

If you are interested in commissioning a unique piece of original art as a special gift fr someone special or a gift to self then please email us. Many of our members are keen to take on commissions. We can work to most budgets.


Jenny Mckenzie, Secretary Woodborough Art Group