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Post Office Comes Back to Woodborough!

At long long last we have our post office back with the wonderful Alison at the helm behind the counter.
Please Be gentle with her as she gets to grips with the myriad of details she has had to absorb in training!

USE IT OR LOSE IT – simples !!

Lynne Morgan

Calverton & District U3A

What a great time the Calverton & District u3a all had at this month’s general meeting.  As an alternative to a guest ‘speaker’ we were truly entertained by Dave Moylan and his ‘Funny Turns’ – as a magician, musician, & comedian, all regularly overlapping.  Of course, all the usual morning’s business was carried out as in discussing membership, interest groups, and chatting to each other over tea & bikkies…

Well done to Cindy for booking an original guest.

See us at

Hello from the Nags Head Woodborough!
It’s Saturday, woohoo!  The perfect time to pop down to the Nags for a drink or food, especially on a cold day like today where a hot meal will go down a treat.
The chill in the air does hint at the approach of December and all the fun Christmas activities available. One exciting event to mention is the next Open Mic Night which is scheduled for the 17th of December!
The first Open Mic Night was a fantastic success so it’s great to have the next one on the way. 
Thank you!
The Nags Head Woodborough team
P.S. If you are booked in for a meal at the Nags on Christmas Day, please can you get your food pre-order into us ASAP, by mid-December at the latest.

Woodborough Bridge Club

Affiliated to the EBU


The Woodborough Bridge Club ceased playing Face2Face bridge in March 2020, when the implications of Covid became clear. Bridge Clubs across the country were unable to comply with social distancing rule.

Many clubs, like Woodborough, worked hard in setting up a virtual club, therefore those who wanted to play online were able to do so.  It has proved hugely popular, with many of our members now playing online.  During this period, we have donated our profit, of £3,400, to a number of local charities.

Little did we think back in March 2020 that it would be over two years before we could all play again in the Village Hall.  The club has now decided that we shall restart on Thursday 21st April 2022. We will be welcoming back our members, and  anyone who would like to join us for the first time.

The club currently operates on the Bridge Base Online (BBO) platform.

We hold two duplicate drives every week.

MONDAY 2.15pm  and THURSDAY 7.15pm

Please contact Jane (0115 9652595)  or