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Woodborough Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 13th July 2021 at 7pm The Village Hall, Lingwood Lane, Woodborough, Nottingham

PRESENT: Cllr Andrew Gough (Chairman), Cllr Liz Anderson, Cllr Paul Berrisford, Cllr John Newsome, Cllr Richard Pannell, Cllr Daniel Raynor, Cllr Colin Starke, Cllr Charles Wardle, Cllr Adam Wylie.
IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr Helen Greensmith (GBC, part), Averil Marczak (Clerk).
Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Margaret Briggs, Cllr John Charles-Jones and Cllr Boyd Elliott (NCC).
No additional interests were declared.
The minutes of the meeting held on 8th June were approved.
Cllr Greensmith had circulated a report. She had contacted Severn Trent regarding proposed works which would close Lingwood Lane on the day of the summer fair to try to get the date moved. She had contacted the Parks and Street Care department at GBC regarding the unexpected and unwanted appearance of a recycled bench on the corner of Smalls Croft. It was noted that GBC had not cut the Smalls Croft green at all in 2021, and it was being maintained by Gardenscape to a high standard at WPC’s expense. Cllr Greensmith suggested that it was best to ensure that it remained on GBC’s rota for future years.
The Chairman explained that Cllr Elliott was unable to attend and invited members to forward NCC issues to the Clerk for collation, rather than contacting him directly.
Cllrs Raynor and Newsome had circulated details, including photographic evidence, of the typical issues at school drop off and collection times. It was noted that a large proportion of pupils at the school came from outside the village, and therefore would inevitably arrive in a car. There was a lengthy debate about different options to tackle this issue, concluding in consensus that WPC should lobby for double yellow lines from the junction to the Village Hall, to encourage parking in the car parks at the Village Hall and Four Bells. Cllr Rayner agreed to discuss with the school. It was agreed to consider a sign on the Governors’ Field gate requesting that visitors arriving by car should park at the top of the Four Bells car park.
The meeting hosted by the EA on 6th July had been attended by several members and a number of residents, and the presentations had been circulated. It was noted that the EA was now carrying out further evaluation work and would report again in October/November. It was agreed to pencil in a date with the EA to ensure that momentum was maintained.
It was agreed that the remaining Covid-19 restrictions in the Governors’ Field (removal of swing seats and capping off tunnel) should be reversed on July 19th (Step 4 date of lifting restrictions). It was agreed that Covid-19 signage in the Village Hall should be left in situ for the time being.
It was agreed that WPC meetings should take place in the main hall for the remainder of 2021, to be reviewed for meetings in 2022. It was agreed that WPC meetings should take place on Mondays 6th September, 4th October, 1st November and 13th December to enable regular users to return to the hall on Tuesdays.
The Clerk planned to meet with D&M to get a second quote for a review of memorial safety. The Clerk had attended NALC training on cemetery management, and reported that the presenter had advised against memorial testing by councillors or untrained staff or volunteers. Cllr Pannell was working on a design for the proposed burial of ashes area. A request to install a memorial bench had been received and the Chairman and Clerk agreed to assess whether there were any possible locations that would not compromise burial plots.
Cllr Raynor reported that there was a loose coping stone at the churchyard and Cllr Wardle agreed to assess.
Cllr Wardle reported that the new flooring for the entrance area and committee room was on schedule to be installed by the end of July.
The Clerk presented an update on regular bookings at the Village Hall. Several groups had indicated that they would return with the end of Covid-19 restrictions. The WI had decided to relocate to the Institute.
Cllr Starke reported on the findings of the recent RoSPA safety inspection. The snags identified included: slow running of the zip wire, splits in timber, bird fouling and the trampoline safety edging. Cllr Starke had repaired the trampoline edging, had in place a plan to address bird fouling using stainless steel bird spikes, and was monitoring the timber splits. The action of the zip wire was an ongoing issue caused by the levels of the installation and Cllr Starke had taken the case to senior management at HAGS. The Chairman thanked Cllr Starke and Mr Richard Whincup for carrying out their weekly inspections.

The WCA had suggested that a formal booking system be implemented for the playing field as several groups were now using the facilities, and this was agreed. It was agreed that bookings should be made through the Clerk and the bookings diary shown online. It was noted that the objective was to avoid events/usage clashing and to stop unauthorised use of the field by personal trainers and organised groups, rather than to increase use of the field or increase the fees received by WPC.
It was noted that the football club’s gear had been left in the home showers. It was agreed to ask them to remove this so the showers could be run through and be made ready for use.
This item was deferred. It was noted that some of the signs around the village could benefit from cleaning and Cllr Wardle agreed to ask the Lengthsman to wash them down.
Cllr Wardle reported that the gate had been fitted with a new post and was operational again. The Chairman thanked Cllr Wardle for resolving the issue.
The following applications were considered, and it was agreed to make no objection:
PC1136/GBC2021/0726TPO to fell T1 oak at 28 Holme Close. It was noted that the tree had honey fungus and all branches were on one side.
PC1137/GBC2021/0780 for loft conversion, including raising height of roof and rear dormer window, conversion of existing garage and external cladding/rendering at Foxlea, Foxwood Lane.
The Clerk had responded to 2 applications under delegated powers, making no objection:
PC1120/GBC2020/1251TPO crown lift, crown cleaning, lateral canopy reduction of oak at 21 Park Avenue.
PC1135/GBC2021/0664 for single storey side extension, reconfiguring of elevations.
The Clerk presented the financial statement for July and 24 payments, totalling £6230.34 net, were approved for payment. Gross payments over £500: £1170 Oglesby (supply and fit new disabled toilet and changing table); £700.17 LGPS (staff pensions).
The Clerk had circulated a Q1 summary. It was noted that Village Hall income was lower than forecast, with many regular users yet to return.
The following items had been received: a note of thanks and update from Woodborough in Bloom; details of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons, shared with the WCA; an update from Woodborough Celtic, recording thanks to WPC for supporting the children’s training; a letter regarding drains blocked by materials used to patch potholes, shared with Cllr Elliott. The WI had asked whether they might retain their storage cupboard for a fee after their move to the Institute; it was agreed to decline this request and use the cupboard for the benefit of current users. The following items were noted: GBC various agendas and press releases.
Cllr Berrisford reported that the Institute would reopen officially on 19th July after refurbishment.
It was agreed to include the minutes and notices regarding use of the playing field and requesting that large items of rubbish should not be put in the small dog poo bins.
It was agreed to include: Covid-19 signage at the hall; Village Hall bookings; parking on Lingwood Lane.
The date of the next PC meeting was confirmed as 6th September 2021. The meeting finished at 8.30pm.

WPC Notices

Help needed!

Woodborough in Bloom and the Woodborough Heritage Group hope to recruit new volunteers, who can ensure the viability of these groups in the years ahead.

Woodborough in Bloom would love to talk to anyone who can help with the planting or watering. Could you help manage your local planter? Soon it will be time to empty the planters, fill them with fresh compost and plant for the winter. Woodborough in Bloom will supply all the materials and plants – but need willing hands (and ideally a car to transport the compost).

The Woodborough Heritage group has, over many years, collated a treasure trove of fascinating material on the history of our village. Could you help with future heritage records, or could you help keep the website up to date?

Please contact  if you have some time to give to these 2 very worthwhile groups.

Meeting of the Parish Council

7pm Monday 4th October at the Village Hall

The Parish Council meets next Monday, September 6th.

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