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Another Step Closer

Dear Friends,

Well, we are now in April, where has the time gone and what a journey it has been. It is hard to believe that it is now one year and one month since we first experienced the Covid 19 era.

It has been a journey that has meandered this way and that taken us to exciting highs and then brought us back down with a bit of a bump to deep lows to say the least. Just like our journey through Lent culminating in our Easter Sunday Service it has been one of reflection, one of challenge but one of looking forward to what is to come.

We have reached (I am writing this in March so am stepping out in faith!) our two milestones on our journey out of Lockdown. Firstly, in the return of the children back to school, and we give thanks for all those in School who have worked so very hard to make this possible and to do it with such energy and enthusiasm. I am sure too those home schooling have breathed a huge sigh of relief. Also there has been the precious holding of a loved ones hand in a care home.  The next one was the 29th March where outdoor activities have started to open up and there is a build up again of the excitement of what is to come, that of April 12th finally Haircuts!!!!!!!! and being able to visit gyms and leisure facilities and meeting with family.

Slowly but surely our world is beginning to wake up, to open up and it is exciting. It does still mean proceeding like any journey with caution, with being sensible, with making sure we learn from the journey already taken this far. It is also a time to remember all the amazing things that happened during it, those acts of kindness, those times of stronger bonds being forged between the Community and to not let that go but to build on it. That does not mean forgetting the difficulties, the losses suffered, the hurts that have left marks. Going back to thinking of Easter we reflect on the marks Christ endured on the Cross but then we experience His resurrection on Easter Sunday, marks still there but bringing the joy of life to come, of a healing process, a new excitement, a new energy.

New steps on the way, new milestones to be reached, the gradual opening up of our Churches, the joy of sharing times in person once more but valuing the times of Services together through technology and the value in keeping on sharing in this way and being reminded that during it all “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies are new every morning”.

As we move forward to that huge milestone in June let us keep on keeping on, steadfast in prayer and in caring and sharing His love with each other secure in the knowledge of trusting in the Lord with all our hearts, leaning not on our own understanding but being sure He will indeed make straight our paths once more. How exciting.

God Bless

(Children and Families Worker and Lay Reader)

Sunday Worship Online

Each Sunday at 10.00, we are hosting a 20 minute service on Zoom. It will consist of prayer, songs/hymns, a reading and a reflection and an opportunity to have a chat after the service.
If you would like to join in, you’d be very welcome.

Please send your email address to

and we will send you a link. 

Each of the benefice Churches (Epperstone, Gonalston, Oxton and Woodborough) are open Every Sunday from 10am-3pm for private prayer and meditation.

Just come, wear a mask, sign in and sit in the chairs/pews as set out

Easter Services Online at St Swithuns

April 1 – Maundy Thursday Service at 7.30pm
April 2 – Good Friday Service at 7.30pm
April 4 – Easter Day Service at 10am

All services will be on Zoom.
To join our congregation please contact if you would like an invitation link for any of the services.